Serving up history in a 17th century brimmer glass…

Welcome to TBHP! Get ready to join David & Dennis as they school you on the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage and how it has shaped our very civilization through the centuries. We don’t need to tell you that beer is amazing, but what you might not know is just how amazing it’s effect on mankind has been. Just ask the ancient Egyptians, early American colonists, or pretty much any group of people from any time in history! Actually, don’t ask the Romans…they hated beer, but we’ll get to that later.

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David Tartaro

David’s unhealthy relationship with beer goes much further than merely drinking it…he needs to know everything about it! He started TBHP as a way of legitimizing his obsession by sharing everything he learns with the world.

Dennis Abdelhamid

Dennis is the yin to David’s yang. It’s almost a wonder in itself how little he knows about beer…and history for that matter! Thankfully, David is here to guide him, along you, on the path of knowledge.


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